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Ready to dive into a dumpling delight? Whether you're a restaurant, part of the foodie squad, a grocery guru, or reigning over a cool bar scene, we've got your dumpling dreams covered! From frozen delights to catering extravaganzas and lunch boxes brimming with joy—how about a tsunami of dumplings to spice up your life? Dial in for a chat with us! Let the dumpling party begin! 🥟🎉

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Mom of Three Daughters

Mompreneur - Sandy Zheng

Growing up in Beijing, the capital city of China, Sandy has dedicated the last 15 year to running Chinese restaurants since she immigrated to United States. Her culinary expertise is deeply rooted in traditional northern Chinese dishes, which she skillfully combines with influences from her experiences living in California and New Zealand. Alongside her culinary journey, Sandy is also a loving mother to three daughters named Iris, Ivy and Irina. Sandy's daughters are the super fans to their mother's achievements promoting her in their schools to teachers, parents and classmates whenever opportunities arise.

Mom of Two Boys

Mompreneur - Julia Zhu

Julia, originally from Jinan, China, came to the United States as a foreign student at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After graduation, she ventured into starting her own businesses to support her husband's career. Now, as a mother of two boys: Maverick and Bruce, Julia strives to provide her children with a multicultural upbringing, ensuring they understand and appreciate their Chinese heritage while embracing the diversity of the world around them. Julia's adventurous spirit has taken her to more than 30 countries, allowing her to gather a wealth of diverse flavors to shape United Dumplings as a culinary venture that celebrates cultural diversity with a deep-rooted Chinese influence.

Let the dumpling party begin! 🥟🎉

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