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New 麻辣小笼包 Ivy's Mala XLB's Story!
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New 麻辣小笼包 Ivy's Mala XLB's Story!

Our New Mala XLB, is a spicy and flavorful variation of our top seller the traditional Chinese soup dumpling Xiaolongbao. This is a unique dish created by Sandy combines the unique flavors of Sichuan cuisine with the classic Xiaolongbao.

Inside the thin dumpling skin, you will find a flavorful filling. The filling typically consists of minced pork. It may also include a small amount of  soup, which turns into a delicious, flavorful liquid when the dumplings are steamed.

What sets Sichuan Mala XLB apart is the incorporation of the Sichuan mala flavor. "Mala" refers to a unique combination of spiciness and numbing sensation characteristic of Sichuan cuisine. The filling is seasoned with Sichuan peppercorns, chili peppers, garlic, ginger, and other aromatic spices. These ingredients impart a fiery heat and a numbing sensation that awakens the taste buds.

When it came time to name our special XLB creation, we couldn't think of a better inspiration than Ivy, one of our daughters. Ivy has always been an adventurous eater, eagerly exploring all kinds of cuisine with her curious taste buds. From the spiciest dishes to the most exotic flavors, she has embraced them all!

So, when it was time to test out our new XLB flavor, we knew we needed Ivy's expert taste buds on the job. We made her the official "quality control" for this tasty venture. It was her job to give it the thumbs up or thumbs down, and let me tell you, she took her role seriously! Ivy dove into those XLBs like a champ, tasting every single batch with a critical eye (or should I say taste bud?). She provided us with some super helpful feedback, helping us fine-tune the flavors to perfection. It was all about getting that mouthwatering Sichuan mala goodness just right.

In the end, we decided to name our creation after Ivy. She played such a vital part in making it the incredible dish it is. Her adventurous spirit and picky palate guided us to create something truly special. Plus, it's a cool way to show our appreciation for her love of food and her knack for finding the best flavors out there.

Asian Tradition, California Flavor


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