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Why we do it

Growing up in northern China, dumplings were more than just a dish to both my partner Sandy and I  - they were a treasured tradition that evoked a sense of warmth and togetherness. Every Chinese New Year, our family would gather around the kitchen table, eagerly awaiting the dumpling feast that was to come. Grandma would meticulously prepare the fillings, my grandpa would skillfully roll out the wrappers, and aunt would deftly wrap the dumplings. As a child, we would watch in awe as they worked together in perfect harmony, filling the room with the comforting aroma of steaming dumplings.

Our Children

Our Commitment

Now, as we have children of our own, we embarked on a journey to share our cherished childhood memories of blissful family reunions through the art of dumplings. Thus, United Dumplings came to life. Throughout the creation of our menu, we preserved Grandma's treasured recipes, ensuring the flavors that held generations together would remain intact. However, we also infused the essence of our own life adventures, incorporating flavors inspired by our diverse experiences.

Mom of Three Daughters

Mompreneur - Sandy Zheng

Growing up in Beijing, the capital city of China, Sandy has dedicated the last 15 year to running Chinese restaurants since she immigrated to United States. Her culinary expertise is deeply rooted in traditional northern Chinese dishes, which she skillfully combines with influences from her experiences living in California and New Zealand. Alongside her culinary journey, Sandy is also a loving mother to three daughters named Iris, Ivy and Irina. Sandy's daughters are the super fans to their mother's achievements promoting her in their schools to teachers, parents and classmates whenever opportunities arise.

Mom of Two Boys

Mompreneur - Julia Zhu

Julia, originally from Jinan, China, came to the United States as a foreign student at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After graduation, she ventured into starting her own businesses to support her husband's career. Now, as a mother of two boys: Maverick and Bruce, Julia strives to provide her children with a multicultural upbringing, ensuring they understand and appreciate their Chinese heritage while embracing the diversity of the world around them. Julia's adventurous spirit has taken her to more than 30 countries, allowing her to gather a wealth of diverse flavors to shape United Dumplings as a culinary venture that celebrates cultural diversity with a deep-rooted Chinese influence.

2019 -2020

The renovation of our first restaurant was an exciting endeavor, filled with numerous challenges. The renovations were completely shut down during first half of 2020 with COVID.

September 2020

The decision to open amidst the pandemic required us to adapt and navigate through constantly evolving restrictions and regulations. Despite the difficulties, we remained determined to bring our culinary vision to life and offer a memorable dining experience to our customers.


Throughout the rollercoaster of openings and closures, we maintained open lines of communication with our customers, keeping them informed of our operational status and any changes to our services. We survived and thrived.

September 2022

We opened of our second restaurant location at Chestnut! This expansion represents an exciting milestone for us as we bring our culinary vision to a new neighborhood and community.

February 2023

We opened our third restaurant location in the vibrant Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland, just across the Bay Bridge! The decision was inspired by the neighborhood's unique charm, diverse culture, and thriving food scene.

July 2023

Ongoing - With the launch of our e-commerce platform, we aim to provide a convenient and accessible way for customers to experience the essence of our brand from the comfort of your own homes.

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