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Around the World in 10 Dumplings
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Around the World in 10 Dumplings

So, before we begin enlisting some of the most unique and delicious types of dumplings from different regions of the world, let’s first define a dumpling since we’re sure we’ll be pounded with questions like “Why do you think that is a dumpling” or “do you even know what a dumpling is” . 

In reality, dumplings have a lot of variations across the world and to put it simply, a dumpling is a ball of dough wrapped around any kind of filling. Yes, we know that is a very wide description, but that’s how it is, and that is exactly why it has so many variations worldwide. 

Beautiful steamed dumplings

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here are 12 different types of dumplings along with the region or country they represent. 

10 Different Kinds of Dumplings From Around The Globe

1. Wontons From China 

Hello, Wontons! They are probably one of the most known types of dumplings due to their frequent mentions in movies and dramas. These have very thin dough wrapping and are served in soup. The uber-yummy fillings include ground pork, cabbage and minced garlic for that extra kick of flavor. They can be steamed for serving in soup or fried. Wontons are a tradition to eat during the Chinese New Year and are enjoyed throughout the country with different variations. 

2. Uszka From Poland 

These are yummy ring-shaped dumplings that are folded to perfection with a meat and mushroom filling traditionally served with clear soup, and is enjoyed mainly on Christmas Eve. The shape is supposed to represent ears since the name uszka means “little ears” in Polish. 

3. Tortellini From Italy 

When it comes to recipes that start with the dough, you can’t expect the Italians to sit in the background. Of course, they had to create their version of the dumpling. These little dumplings have refreshing meat, cheese, mushrooms, spinach, etc., as fillings and are often served in rich beef broth to warm up your heart. 

4. Svetskove Knedliky From the Czech Republic

There is a large variety of dumplings in the Eastern European region, usually called Knodel or knedlick. One very special dumpling, the Svetskove Knedliky, has a fruit filling. Yes, these are yummy little treats that have whole fruits like plums wrapped in a dough filling, topped with sprinkled sugar and served with curd cheese. 

5. Samosa From India 

Here is a famous version of the dumplings straight from India. There aren’t many households in India where this deep-fried snack isn’t enjoyed. They are usually made of a thick dough wrapping filled with a spicy potato filling.

These can also have fillings like boiled vegetables, chicken, or minced meat. They are enjoyed across the North African region and other parts of Asia. 

6. Rissois From Portugal 

These are also called rissoles and were invented in Portugal. These are half-moon shaped and breaded. Inside is a fish or shrimp filling in bechamel sauces. There are other variations as well, which include minced ham, chicken, or ham. These are enjoyed by the young and old as a snack nationwide. 

7. Vareniky From Ukraine 

Ukraine knows how to do their dumplings. The Vareniky are traditionally eaten with sour cream and are filled with meat, dill, cheese, chopped onions, and peppers. However, depending on their mood, Ukrainians also do sweeter fillings with fruits such as cherries, blueberries and etc. with sugar, lemon and cottage cheese. Yum right?

8. Pelmeni From Russia

These are crescent-shaped and made with uneven dough. Each Pelmeni is filled with meat, cheese, and mushrooms. The entire dumpling is then boiled in salted hot water. The Pelmeni is enjoyed across Russia and were invested in Siberia. These can never really be sweet, though. 

9. Maultaschen From Germany 

Maultaschen, a dish from the Swabian region of Germany, is a traditional food composed of a pasta dough exterior and a filling containing sausage meat, spinach, bread crumbs, onions, and an assortment of herbs and spices. With a resemblance to Italian ravioli, Maultaschen is often linked with the period of Lent.

10. Manti From Turkey 

Found across Central Asia, particularly in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and northwestern China, these Turkish dumplings are stuffed with spiced ground lamb or beef, seasoned with black pepper, and served with either a yoghurt sauce containing red pepper or Middle Eastern sumac or butter. Considered the most delectable dumplings worldwide, they are a true culinary delight.

Want to know something astonishing? There are more than 30 variations of the dumpling worldwide that we haven’t even mentioned yet. At United Dumplings, we love that we offer you to have the traditional family recipes of dumplings along with other variations that we’ve developed with love over the years. Visit the best dumpling restaurant in San Francisco! 

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United Dumplings invites you on a journey that unites people through their shared love for food. It's a celebration of cultural diversity, where the universal pleasure of enjoying dumplings bridges gaps and creates connections across different backgrounds.

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